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Although we produce from faraway Ghana, we do palletised and containerised shipping to Europe and the rest of the world

Packing Solutions

We are able to pack in Bags, boxes, pouches and sachets; we don’t just make them, we offer packing solutions.

Delivery of other non-core products

Besides our specialism in the tropical fruits, we take orders for other products like pepper, ginger, tomatoes, okra and shallots.


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About Us

Coghaman is a limited liability company established in the republic of Ghana with the primary focus on three main areas: Procurement & Distribution read more

Why Choose Us?

Coghaman limited is a specialist in the supply and distribution of various tropical dried fruits. We go the extra mile in pursuit of highest quality and standards to ensure you derive the utmost from our products and services. We do this by scrutiny, compliance, responsible farming and production practices devoid of artificial additives and most importantly, ultimate in taste and quality.

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Ghana: +233-200775775
Ireland: +353-872040270
UK: +44-7944023339